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About Us

We work hard so you don't have to.

Reporteye is a top Canadian education technology company based in Toronto, Ontario, which operates an online learning platform for students and professionals to access course-specific study resources.

Effective solutions to all academic and professional needs.


Specialist Team

We are a tight-knit team with a big heart.

We Take pride in the fact that our staff are specifically hand-picked, highly competent, and well performing individuals who are accomplished specialists of their field (ex. economics, psychology, philosophy, health sciences, business, political sciences, etc.).

Naturally, this keeps our team lean which ensures that we deliver the highest quality of service. We differentiate ourselves by not sacrificing quality.

Producing remarkable work requires a remarkable team.

Specialists? Why?

Psychologist Gary Klein has once told a story about a paramedic who after her shift, informed her father-in-law that he was looking a bit odd.


He expressed that he felt fine.


Despite this, she took him Emergency Room where they discovered that he was minutes away from having a potentially fatal heart attack.


Doctors were perplexed as to how she could tell without any visible symptoms.


Through years of experience, she had unconsciously developed the ability to predict heart attacks by recognizing irregular facial blood circulation.


Cues that normally go unnoticed become obvious to a specialist.


This is the difference of specialists,

The Reporteye Difference.

Need to score that dream job?

We can help.



"I was sick and tired of wasting time and money dealing with these types of services.


Due to a big deadline coming up, I decided to give one last company a chance before completely giving up.

Working with Reporteye is the first time where I have truly felt that the service I received was worth what I paid.

I am SO thankful for finding them and will continue working with them."

- Young Min P.

"The only place that I will keep going to for their very consistent, high-quality work that have literally carried me all the way through.

I also used them to land an internship which led me to my current full-time position.

Without them, I honestly do not know how I would have survived.

I seriously recommend Reporteye to anyone who wants to  succeed."


- Allison C.

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